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The application of wire rope net

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Wire rope nets woven with steel wires have many uses. This kind of nets is not only strong and durable, but also tough and has a long service life. For example, it can be used as a side slope protection net, which can effectively block the falling rocks on the hillside, thereby maintaining the vehicles passing by the hillside and the pedestrians of the steel wire mesh manufacturer.

It can also be used as a protective net for zoos to keep large animals such as mountain monarchs, lions, and bears in captivity. The ring-shaped steel wire mesh manufacturer net used for protection in the circus is also made of steel wire mesh. Its characteristic is robust and elastic. The first of the automatic steel wire rope nets is the GPS2 slope protection net, which is a product with a net structure woven from double-sided hot-dip galvanized steel wires.

It is mainly to be covered on the hillside to avoid falling off. Because this kind of protective net is very flexible, there is no special requirement for the terrain of the installation, even if it encounters a mountain slope with huge corners, this GPS2 type edge The slope protection net can also cover the mountain underneath like an invisible palm, which can effectively prevent the rubble from rolling down. Because its surface is hot-dip galvanized, its service life can be as long as 50 years.

The main rope of this kind of slope protection net uses 7*9 steel wire rope with a wire diameter of 8.00mm. The aperture is: 30*30cm national standard aperture, 16mm multi-strand steel wire rope for side ropes, and 12mm national standard steel wire rope for suture rope. The inner net is made of 2.2mm galvanized steel wire with a small hole steel net with a diameter of 5*5cm, which can prevent smaller stones from rolling off.

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