Scaffold Steel Planks

Durable Galvanized Metal Board Scaffolding Decks - Engineered for Safety and Customization
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Durable Galvanized Metal Board Scaffolding Decks - Engineered for Safety and Customization


1. Premium Scaffolding Steel Decks


Our Scaffolding Steel Decks stand as the cornerstone of pipe and coupler scaffolding systems, offering unparalleled convenience and safety to workers through their thoughtfully designed anti-slip perforations.


Tailored Innovations: Our dedicated team of technicians is poised to bring your unique visions to life. We provide comprehensive drawing services and adeptly craft new products that align with your specialized designs and preferences.


Unlimited Customization: Every product is an opportunity for personalization. We enthusiastically embrace custom requests, ensuring that each product caters perfectly to your distinctive needs.


2. Product Excellence


- Material Versatility: Constructed from Q195 and Q235 materials, our decks embody robustness and resilience.


- Surface Mastery: Galvanized to perfection, with options ranging from pre-galvanization to hot-dip galvanization, these decks offer enhanced durability while effortlessly resisting corrosion.


- Size Flexibility: Choose the width that suits you best, ranging from 210mm to 500mm, coupled with heights spanning 40mm to 76mm.


- Length Freedom: Tailor your scaffolding experience with deck lengths from 500mm to a generous 6000mm, catering to projects of various scopes.


- Wall Strength: Ranging from 1.0mm to 2.0mm, our decks' robust wall thickness ensures structural integrity and longevity.


Elevate your scaffolding endeavors with our Galvanized Metal Board Scaffolding Decks. Experience safety, innovation, and customization like never before.




· Non-combustible & Fire Retardant

· Tested and compliant with BS-EN12811 standards

· Exceptionally Long-lasting - offers triple the durability

· Lightweight – boasts a 20% weight reduction compared to LVL Scaffold Boards

· Sturdily engineered for heavy-duty performance – Load Class 6 of BS-EN12811

· Designed for Slip Resistance


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Products Can Be Customized According To Sample And Drawing

Diverse designs & techniques to meet your custom needs. We are available 24/7 by fax, e-mail or by phone. You can also use our quick contact form to ask a question about our services and projects.

We are a leading player in the wire mesh industry with a strong reputation built over the years.


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