Perforated Metal Sheets

 A perforated sheet is a metal sheet that’s punched or cut to produce a pattern of holes, slots or shapes for practical or aesthetic purposes. It’s also known as “perforated metal.”

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What is a perforated sheet?

 A perforated sheet is a metal sheet that’s punched or cut to produce a pattern of holes, slots or shapes for practical or aesthetic purposes. It’s also known as “perforated metal.”

This type of metal sheet includes decorative hole patterns such as circles, squares, triangles, diamonds, hex, slots, bars and so forth. By combining shapes, it is possible to create more complex designs.

How do you measure it?

  Using common perforated sheet terminology, wed start by looking at the hole pattern 图片1

(staggered hole) followed by the hole size (i.e., a circle diameter) [A], the stagger’ (the distance between holes from center to center) [B] and finally the sheet gauge (or thickness) [C]. You typically measure the dimensions in millimetres.

 Example: Staggered Hole 1.000” X 1.250” X 11 Ga. (or 0.125). This refers to a staggered hole pattern with 1-inch diameter holes spaced 1.25-inches apart on 11-gauge sheet material.

A hole pattern is the arrangement of holes on a sheet in either staggered or straight rows.

In a staggered hole pattern, the direction of the stagger is typically parallel to the short dimension of the sheet. The 60° staggered is the most common pattern. Although other designs are available, 60° staggered is the strongest, most versatile and most economical perforated pattern.


Gauge” is a British term that refers to sheet thickness. It originated before the advent of the standard metric and standard measurement systems but remains a common term for wire diameter and sheet thickness.

As a rule of thumb, the higher the gauge number, the thinner the metal thickness.

Products Made from Perforated Metals

There are a wide variety of applications for perforated metals. They find use in industrial settings as well as homes and offices. From building construction and design to filtration units for pharmaceutical production, perforated metals have been an essential part of producing products and providing a pleasing appearance.


Our Service

These perforated metal sheets are offered here in small sizes to suit all requirements. We also offer this metal mesh in full 2 x 1 metre and 2.44 x 1.22 metre panels. These large panels are sent on pallets and we will check your unloading capacity before shipping. In brief, our speciality is rapid, fuss free transactions of all sizes.  If you are looking to buy metal in small amounts then this is the place for you. We cut this metal on our ultra powerful industrial guillotine. We are always happy to help in any way that we are able to. Ask about our cutting service and a quick delivery.  Thank you for checking out our product.


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