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Introduction to the application of stainless steel wire mesh

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Stainless steel wire mesh has unique performance characteristics, covering the copper types and grades with excellent room temperature, low temperature, high temperature mechanical properties, high strength matched with excellent toughness, high hardness and high wear resistance, excellent corrosion resistance under severe erosion conditions, stainless steel wire mesh non-magnetic and excellent cold forming function and processability. Obviously, in all kinds of service conditions, can always find the appropriate steel and grades. Thus, stainless steel wire mesh has been commonly used in chemical industry, kerosene chemical and kerosene extraction, transportation, nuclear industry, energy, textile, aerospace, electronic appliances, food, pharmaceutical, paper and other industrial parts.

In some areas become indispensable or irreplaceable metal materials. In addition, because of stainless steel wire mesh stainless and decorative and easy to wash and antibacterial characteristics, in the field of spending has also been widely used, such as construction decoration, kitchenware, tableware, civil hardware, etc.. In the rich countries of the East stainless steel wire mesh spending situation is large. Industrial engineering or stainless steel wire mesh is an important area of spending. Stainless steel wire mesh has been commonly used in various industrial fields, due to the application environment and the implementation of the premise of a wide range of different. How to justify the selection of stainless steel wire mesh has become the use of the field of special attention to the technical issues and economic issues. The proper selection of stainless steel wire mesh is an exceptionally complex technical problem, not only the need for general knowledge of stainless steel wire mesh, and the need to have practical engineering experience, in some conditions should also be held under the need to test the experiment.

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